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Studio Transportation Services for Honda Motorcycle Commercial Shoot

The Pyramid Logistics Movie Prop/Set and Auto Transportation Department includes a fleet of purpose-built special equipment for the movie industry.

At Pyramid Logistics, we understand the special transportation needs of movie studios and have the trailers, trucks and vans to handle transportation to any location.

Call 800-877-6687 and ask for Gene Smith, our studio transportation specialist, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your movie props and equipment will be handled professionally.

Pyramid Logistics—Serving the Movie Industry for Decades

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Our company has years of experience in moving equipment and props for movie studios. We offer custom-built 53-foot trailers with inside heights of up to 10 feet for props and items that require a closed trailer rather than flat-bed transport. We also offer 12-foot side doors for easy loading and unloading.

Every trailer comes with full E-Track Systems so items can be stacked safely on double decks, cutting in half the amount of space needed to transport smaller items.

Because Pyramid Logistics trailers can load 40 percent more than standard trailer, we are able to offer lower transportation costs to our studios. Further, we can give you one-way rates to the East Coast, something many shipping companies do not offer.

No more deadheading drivers back after they unload; with our extensive logistics system, Pyramid Logistics offers some of the least expensive East Cost options of any national shipping company.

Keeping production costs under budget is a specialty of Pyramid Logistics, and we have the track record to prove it!

Pyramid Logistics has been a part of transporting set materials and vehicles for some of the biggest movies in motion picture history, including:


Call Pyramid Logistics at 800-877-6687 and ask for Gene Smith, our studio transportation specialist, and enjoy the assurance that your props and vehicles will be handled with care and arrive on time.

Transporting Autos Our Specialty

If you need to move vehicles to or from a movie site, Pyramid Logistics offers special auto transporters for any type of car, truck or other vehicle of any size. Transporting vehicles requires very special care and handling, and Pyramid Logistics has the specialty transportation systems to manage this complex task.

Movie studios have relied for some time on Pyramid Logistics to ensure that their vehicles arrive safely, undamaged and on time to their shooting locations. Pyramid Logistics provides round-trip or multi-stop service, as well; vehicles can be transported to any location, kept as long as needed and picked up on your schedule.

Providing Storage Solutions for Movie Studios

In the motion picture industry, it is not unusual to use a prop or a vehicle once then not need it again for months. During this down time, Pyramid Logistics can provide the storage facilities to keep these props, vehicles and other equipment safe from damage and theft.

Our secure warehouses, located throughout the country, offer a safe place to leave equipment, vehicles, props and other items for any length of time to facilitate shooting in one or multiple locations. Pyramid Logistics can arrange for the transport of any movie studio property to and from a shoot site as well as the storage of the equipment during down times.

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We Can Even Help With Overseas Filming

If a studio is filming overseas, Pyramid Logistics has an in-house air freight and ocean shipping department that is TSA-approved and cost-effective for international products. We can ship almost anything worldwide to any location and have it there on time and below budget in most cases!

Advertise Your Film With a Mobile Marketing Semi

Our trucks can include full graphics of your next movie to take the news about your production all over the country! If your movie will release in the next six to eight months, get a jump on your advertising and place full-color pictures, movie release dates and other information on our trucks. As we make multiple stops throughout the United States, your movie will be reaching your target audience long before other forms of advertising make them aware of your production.

Agent For Mayflower Transit

Pyramid Logistics is an agent for Mayflower Transit.With years of experience and a fleet of new vehicles containing the latest in transportation technology, Mayflower helps Pyramid Transport ensure that all customers receive fast, reliable service no matter where they travel.

For the feeling of confidence that comes from dealing with a professional motion picture transportation company, call Pyramid Logistics at 800-877-6687 and ask for Gene Smith, our studio transportation specialist.

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