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Have you considered a mobile marketing trailer and tour? Are you concerned about the cost versus the return?

At Pyramid Logistics, we can help you find a cost-effective way to impact your existing marketing campaign by utilizing a mobile marketing trailer and tour over a limited area or nationally.

Pyramid Logistics has been the proud partner in delivering many mobile marketing programs. Our trucks can be designed and outfitted to deliver almost any program. Whether you want to use demos, presentations, training or trade events in your mobile marketing program, we can help.

Call 800-877-6687 to speak to Pyramid Logistics and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the realization that you have hired the best mobile marketing tour company.

How Can A Mobile Marketing Campaign Help My Business?

Mobile marketing trucks and trailers bring your company directly to your customers and prospects. The possibilities are limitless, as are the benefits, when you choose mobile marketing.

You can bring your products to your customers in a way that a picture on a website can never do. Further, if you have a process that needs to be demonstrated or if your product or service is highly individualized, a mobile campaign gives you the opportunity to show people first-hand what your company is all about.

For many years, Pyramid Logistics has been the mobile marketing company that supplies hundreds of trucks, trailers and other equipment for these campaigns. Customers understand that the same great reputation that Pyramid Logistics has developed for other types of transport also applies to its mobile marketing: fair pricing, fast and friendly service and reliable delivery.


Call Pyramid Logistics at 800-877-6687 to speak to a representative about your mobile marketing tour needs and enjoy hassle-free transportation service.

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How Pyramid Logistics and Mobile Marketing Work

Pyramid Logistics can offer our clients the most professional and best service in marketing communications because of our years of experience. We can handle every aspect of your mobile marketing campaign from design and production through delivery and the logistics of a tour.

From the moment a company decided to execute a mobile marketing campaign, Pyramid Logistics is ready to help. Our clients can rely on us to produce quality mobile marketing environments on time and within budget.

A mobile marking campaign is not lightly undertaken. There are many things that must happen in order to make a mobile marketing campaign successful. As the no-hassle providers of this service, Pyramid Logistics offers all of the services needed to seamlessly execute a complicated travel schedule and mobile marketing tour.

Agent For Mayflower Transit

Pyramid Logistics is an agent for Mayflower Transit.With years of experience and a fleet of new vehicles containing the latest in transportation technology, Mayflower helps Pyramid Transport ensure that all customers receive fast, reliable service no matter where they travel.

For the feeling of confidence that comes from dealing with a professional motion picture transportation company, call Pyramid Logistics at 800-877-6687 and ask for Gene Smith, our studio transportation specialist.

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Our services include:

    • Equipment acquisition. Whether you choose to purchase your presentation equipment or lease it on a short- or long-term basis, Pyramid Logistics can help you with finding the right equipment for your needs.
    • Graphics production and application. Graphics are a great way to spread your message even when your truck or trailer is on the road. They are also a great way to attract attention to your exhibits. When you choose Pyramid Logistics to plan your mobile marketing campaign, we can help you find the right graphic designers to give you full-color, quality graphic designs that will put you in the spotlight.
    • Tour logistics. Mobile marketing tours take a lot of coordination, whether they are local or cross-country. We can help you with every aspect of tour planning.
    • Program management. No matter what type of program you want to use with your mobile marketing campaign, Pyramid Logistics can help you find the right materials, staff and plan to execute your ideas.
    • Vehicle design and construction. Vehicles must be customized in many cases for a mobile marketing campaign. Pyramid Logistics can provide any type of vehicle necessary and customize it to your specifications.
    • Event management. When you hold a big event at one of your stops, it is nice to know that our company will handle all of the details so you can focus on your customers.
    • Field staffing. We can provide staffers for any event in any location who can travel to your site or with your crew.
  • Vehicle maintenance with in-house certified mechanics. In order to keep your mobile marketing vehicles on the road, our certified mechanics are available at locations all over the country. We can handle any crisis to get you back on the road immediately! Furthermore, we offer extraordinary preventative maintenance at the very highest standards to keep our fleets moving. We detail every truck and trailer before any event.

Whether you are traveling across town, around the state or across the country, the mobile marketing specialists at Pyramid Logistics can help you have a successful campaign with friendly, professional service wherever you are and whatever your needs.

For the very best in no-problem, cost-effective mobile marketing tour equipment and transportation, call Pyramid Logistics at 800-877-6687.